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Audio & Video Studio Training

Training will be categorized into 4 different areas: in field / studio, editing, producing / midi / mastering, mass producing.
In Field / Studio

  • The in field / studio session will consist of both filming and audio recording on location and in a controlled studio setting. The time spent during this session will focus on the use of High Definition cameras and learning the mechanics of a camera, the use of different microphones and combination of microphone uses.


  • This session will focus on editing both audio and video with the content already created. Students will learn the fundamentals of editing and will learn to make better decisions before beginning to film or record.

Producing / Midi / Mastering

  • This session will focus on using the tools necessary for content creation and producing quality material that can be enjoyed by everyone. Students will learn the main functions of a “sound board” and the use of digital components for audio mastering.

Mass Producing

  • Mass producing will focus on the medium in which media will be presented. Students will learn how to manage digital content, place content on the internet, DVD’s and CD’s for home users.